Make Your Shower Tile Sparkle with Steam Cleaning

It’s no secret that a tiled shower is difficult to keep clean! That’s why The Steam Team is here to help you out, both to lend you some advice, and to physically help you out. Because grime and soap scum build up so quickly in our showers (and mold, too, yuck!), it’s important that we call in the professionals from time to time. The Steam Team is available 24/7 and would love to help you help your shower sparkle!


Below are three shower tile cleaning tips for you!


Dealing with Soap Scum


Soap scum builds up quickly and is difficult to remove- especially if your shower tiles haven’t been cleaned for some time! Find a cleaning product suitable for the job (there are so many options available on the market) and get to scrubbing! Don’t stress too much; whatever you can’t clean off, a steam cleaner can get to!


Cleaning Grime from Grout


Grout is porous in nature and absorbs stains easily, building up all kinds of grime that we just can’t stand! We always suggest steam cleaning when it comes to grout. A professional-grade steam cleaner can easily extract grime from deep within the pores of grout, ridding it of stains and discoloration!


Dry Everything Thoroughly


After you’ve finished cleaning and have rinsed your shower walls, it’s important to dry everything completely. Doing so will help prevent the development of mold, mildew, and soap scum (basically, everything we’ve already cleaned off thus far). You’ll love the look of your shower, afterward!


The Steam Team has been helping our friends in Austin, TX for over a decade now! We’re happy to keep our services going. If your shower has built up too much grime for you to handle, don’t fret; simply call in the professionals: The Steam Team. We’ll be out in no time to make your shower sparkle like never before!