How Steam Cleaning Can Help Kick Your Austin Allergies

If you live anywhere near the Austin area, you know all about allergies. And you know just how frustrating it can be to try to remove all of those allergens from your home! The Steam Team gets it, too! That’s why we’re here to delve into allergens and what exactly we can do to help you out this allergy season!


Check Your Air Ducts


Austin is the allergy capital of the world! There’s got to be something you can do, right? Well friends, there sure is. When was the last time you checked your air ducts? Air ducts in your home can serve as a sponge for contaminants like dust, mold, fungus, and bacteria! It’s important to remove these pests from your home, especially if you have allergies!


Why Air Ducts Should be Kept Clean


It’s not uncommon for air ducts to be neglected! Perhaps few people are aware of the dangers they pose. But whatever the reason, they should be kept clean at all times! And here’s why:


Over time, your air ducts will begin to collect tons (okay, not literal tons, but a whole lot) of dirt, dust, pet dander, and other grime that you don’t want to inhale! Mold can even begin to grow, causing an increase in allergic reactions around your household.


Cleaning Air Ducts: The Steam Team Method


The Steam Team is here to help you in any cleaning or restoration situation! When it comes to your air ducts, it’s best to leave it to the professionals; The Steam Team can adequately remove the dust, dirt, and other grime from your air ducts using our state of the art “source removal,” equipment!


So if your air ducts need a thorough deep cleaning, rely on The Steam Team to get the job done! You can relax peacefully and breathe easier knowing the air around your home is as clean as a whistle.