Maintaining the Longevity of Leather

Leather furniture can really add an incredible appeal to a room- and that’s not its only benefit, either. Leather is one of the strongest and longest lasting materials used to upholster furniture, but it’s also the most involved. By that, we mean it requires a little more maintenance (although different maintenance than other fabrics). Here at The Steam Team, we’ve set out to help you maintain your leather furniture so that it lasts as long as possible, and looks as if you’ve just bought it. Just follow this quick guide to leather maintenance and you’ll be good to go!


Wipe Down and Dust

The easiest (and best) way to regularly clean your leather furniture is with a dry microfiber cloth. It’s cheap- you probably already have one laying around your house- and quick! All you need to do is wipe down any exposed area to make sure there isn’t any dust or other particles collecting on the material.


For larger messes, you can use the attachment from your vacuum cleaner for another quick and easy cleanup. This is also the easiest way to reach those difficult, small spaces like cracks and crevices in the corners.


Be Wary of Products

Other than regularly wiping down your leather furniture, you want to be extremely wary of what products you choose to clean it with. Leather is sensitive, so using anything harsh can damage the material. In fact, the best thing to do is keep away from cleaning products in general when it comes to your leather furniture. The only product you need is conditioner- to keep the material completely moisturized through the years.


Keeping your leather upholstery clean and conditioned will help to optimize its elasticity, help it last much longer, and of course, help it to look inviting to not only you, but any house guests you have over! And don’t forget- if you find yourself in over your head with your leather furniture, we here at The Steam Team are always available to help you out.