Removing Pet Urine From Carpet: Steam Team Style

Here at The Steam Team, we fully understand how frustrating pet odors can be! Sometimes it seems like we’ll never get rid of them. But thankfully, that’s not true. Together, we can rid your home pet odors for good. You’ll love the results we come up with! So don’t worry about the urine smell any longer- instead, rely on The Steam Team to get the job done.


Cleaning Up After Urine


For starters, always tend to the areas as soon as possible. The earlier you get to it, the better chance you have at removing the urine from the carpet!


First, let’s make sure we’re properly cleaning up after the area that’s been urinated on. In order to effectively remove the urine scent from the area, you need an enzymatic cleaner! Make sure whatever you’re using is enzymatic and you’ll save yourself a world of trouble.


Calling in the Professionals


For pet urine odors and other scents we find unattractive, we highly recommend steam cleaning! While it may feel impossible at times to remove these odors, a professional-grade steam cleaning machine can effortlessly pull urine particles from deep within the fibers of carpet. And it’ll use nothing but hot water high water pressure to do it!


No matter how strong the odor is, The Steam Team is bound and determined to remove it from your home! If you need a thorough deep cleaning done by the professionals, don’t hesitate to give The Steam Team a call! We’ll happily come out and inspect your home and restore your carpet to its original condition!


Pet urine and odors are absolutely no problem for The Steam Team! We’ll neutralize pet odors, get urine odors under control, and get you back to breathing fresher, cleaner air! Call The Steam Team today for a list of services, or to get us out to your home pronto!