Pets and Cleaning: How Do You Get Rid of Fleas in Your Carpet?

carpet fleas cleaning

carpet fleas cleaning

Ah, fleas, those pesky little creatures! It always seems like once you have an infestation, it grows, and grows, until you’re on your third flea treatment and you’re still finding them all over Fido. And in Texas especially, flea seasons lasts pretty much all year long. So we’re here today to talk about a different method of treating fleas, and that’s steam cleaning! You’d be surprised at how effective this method is, even when it comes to these little buggers!  “Our professional carpet cleaning is more effective at removing fleas than regular vacuuming. “


The Scoop on Steam Cleaning


There are many reasons as to why steam cleaning is so effective, and thus the leading choice of cleaning methods among homeowners! First, it cleans without harming the environment, or any family members or pets. Second, it doesn’t leave any harmful residue behind, because all that is required is hot, pressurized water. And third, it cleans- the kind of clean you can thoroughly trust. And we could go on and on, truthfully! But let’s get down to the dirt: fleas.


Steam Cleaning v.s Fleas


If you have a flea infestation, it’s imperative that you vacuum every single day. If you’re already doing that and having no luck, then we recommend steam cleaning. Steam cleaning kills larvae,  adult, and flea eggs with no problem! Looks like fleas simply can’t handle the heat! You may have to repeat the treatment more than once, but we promise- it’s a great method for ridding your home of these nasty, annoying creatures.


See, it’s not just carpet, or upholstery, or hardwood flooring all of the time. We can also help assist you in ridding your home of pesky fleas! Just give The Steam Team a call today and we’ll be out in a flash! You won’t regret it, but the bugs will!  “Our professional carpet cleaning is more effective at removing fleas than regular vacuuming. “