Need Help with Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning Round Rock Texas

Expert Residential Cleaning Austin

Expert Residential Cleaning Austin

No matter how delicate your draperies are, they need to be cleaned every so often, and the process isn’t always as daunting as it seems! Steam Cleaning is a fantastic option for cleaning in this case, as they can often be cleaned without being removed- so you won’t need to worry about risking damage to your fabulous drapes and window treatments. The Steam Team can help to freshen your drapes in no time- here’s how the process works!


Cleaning Without Removal


We can leave your draperies where they hang and still clean them just as effectively. We’ll use a low moisture, hot water extraction method, or a dry cleaning method to safely remove dust, dander, dirt and other particles from your draperies. And don’t worry about moisture, as we use so little of it that everything will dry quickly!


Tips for Lengthening the Lifespan of your Draperies


If you want your window treatments to last longer than expected, it’s totally possible! Just follow a few simple guidelines. First, rotate your drapes every so often. They absorb tons of sunlight, which can be harmful to fabric over time. Sunlight can cause fading and deterioration, so rotate them every now and then to ensure that the color stays even-toned. Next, if you must remove your drapes to be washed, carefully follow washing instructions. The last thing you want is to find your drapes in shreds as you pull them out of the machine. Check the tags for special instructions! Lastly, protect your drapes from moisture by watching for condensation and leaky windows, and call in the professionals for an occasional treatment.

When you call The Steam Team for help cleaning your draperies and window treatments, you can rest assured that we’re treating them with top quality care- no matter how delicate the fabric is. So don’t hesitate to call us for a professional cleaning! We clean in Round Rock, Texas.