Tile and Grout: How to Bring Back the Shine in Austin, Texas

Tile and Grout Specialits 

Tile and Grout Specialits 

Ah, tile and its corresponding grout… despite the color of your grout, inevitably it will change shades- and not for the better! It’s difficult to keep grout clean, and even more challenging to keep it in its new, pristine condition. Fortunately for you, though, The Steam Team can help out. If we’re not coming out to your house, you can still read further for some handy tips on keeping tile and grout as clean as possible!


Tile and Grout Cleaning


Restoring tile and grout is no easy feat. It can be taxing on the body if you utilize the scrubbing method (scrubbing on your hands and knees with an old toothbrush- we’ve all done it, and we’ve all despised it). You’ll want to choose a method and product that is safe for your family and home, and one that is relatively easy- especially on your body!


Non-Steam Cleaning Method


Try using powdered oxygen bleach! It’s non-toxic and therefore safe for your family, pets, and even fabrics. This method works brilliantly to remove stains, even stains as tough as red wine. Mix powdered oxygen bleach with your mop water, and go to town! Using a mop is much preferable than using that old toothbrush, so we’re confident that this method will be helpful in more ways than one.  


Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout

If you’d rather cut to the the chase, you can always trust The Steam Team with your tile and grout. Grout may be porous in nature and therefore more difficult to clean, but our professional-grade equipment easily extract dirt and grime from the grout. Whether your tile is in the bathroom, entryway, kitchen or all over your home, we’ll be able to restore it to a clean, shining state. So just give us a call- we’ll be out to help in a jiffy! Call us at 512-451-8326 today or click here