4 Tips on Maintaining Tile and Grout In Sunny Austin, Texas

Expert Tile Cleaning Austin, TX

Expert Tile Cleaning Austin, TX

Tile looks beautiful in our home, but grout could be considered a disadvantage. Often times it’s difficult to keep clean, keep it looking new, and to prevent stains. This is because grout is porous in nature and as a result, absorbs stains much more easily than its counterpart. But don’t fret, and certainly don’t regret installing tile inside your home; The Steam Team can help you keep it clean and pristine! But first, a few tips on maintaining tile and grout in between professional cleanings:


Stay on Top of Things by Dusting and Sweeping


You can easily combat everyday dirt, dust, and debris by dry dusting and sweeping on a regular basis. Keep a broom handy with a dusting attachment so that the dust clings to the broom, and doesn’t get swept back into the air! And don’t forget to sweep out corners, as dust tends to settle there.


Clean Up Spills and Stains Immediately


Spills stay until they’re cleaned. Try to take care of them immediately after they occur to prevent grout from absorbing the material and staining. When it’s time to bring out the wet mop, you’ll find that you’ve already made the job easier on yourself! Call 512-451-8326 today!


Use a Wet Mop When Needed


Every now and then, you’ll need to bring out the wet mop and go to town! Use your favorite, trusty cleaner and a bucket of warm water and work from the innermost part of the room, and outward. In some cases, a scrub brush may be necessary to remove tough stains and marks.


Call in The Steam Team for a Professional Cleaning

As we mentioned before, The Steam Team can come out and help you clean up your tile and grout- especially the grout! We advise saving grout cleaning for the professionals as it simply requires too much scrubbing and work. So give us a call when your grout needs a professional’s attention- and you won’t be disappointed in the results! Our service area in Austin