Carpet Cleaning: Stains Don't Have to be Permanent

Austin Carpet Cleaning By The Steam Team

Austin Carpet Cleaning By The Steam Team

Whether it’s your home, office, or home-office that these pesky stains plague the carpet, The Steam Team is here to take care of the problem! We are the number one choice in Austin, Texas.


Thankfully, we no longer necessarily have to conceal our embarrassing carpet stains with area rugs, runners, or furniture, even! Those days are long gone. Fortunately, professionals are out there just waiting to assist you in eradicating even the deepest of carpet stains- and you’d be so pleased (surprised, even) with the results!


Steam Cleaning to Remove Stains


Why is this method preferred over other methods? Well, it’s simple. With a professional-grade steam cleaner which uses nothing but heated water and impressive pressure, dirt, dust, debris, and other nasty particles are extracted from deep within the fibers of your carpet. Not much with withstand The Steam Team’s intensity.


If you’re worried about how this method will affect your carpet still, The Steam Team will perform a spot-test on an inconspicuous area of your flooring, just to be sure. We won’t begin the process until we know everything will be safe, and that you’ll be satisfied with the results. But don’t forget- steam cleaning is entirely safe for the environment as it lacks the usage of harsh chemicals.


Odor Neutralization


Here’s some rather gross imagery for you: those odors that naturally embed into your carpet over the years? Well, every time we walk upon the carpet, they’re pushed into the air! But luckily The Steam Team can help with odor neutralization also! We use the latest technology, years of experience and expertise, and customer service that will have you calling us back for more, every time!

Struggling with stubborn carpet stains or troublesome, intrusive odors? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. The Steam Team will gladly come out to your home and help dispel these pests completely.