Does Carpet Padding Help Your Carpet?

In short, the answer is yes, carpet padding can tremendously help and even protect your carpet at times. Many homeowners don’t realize how important its impact may be, as it’s usually the first to go when building a home or installing new flooring and trying to cut costs. However, with ineffective carpet padding, your carpeting doesn’t have enough support. The better the support, the longer the flooring lasts!


So, let’s talk carpet padding for a minute to help you understand the best decision to make when installing your new carpet flooring. There are many variables to consider when it comes to flooring; the area of the home, the amount of traffic it’s going to endure, and the amount of messes you expect. The padding beneath the carpeting needs to be chosen with these factors in mind so you choose the right padding for your home and family.


The Benefits of Carpet Padding

Besides offering additional support for carpet and carpet fibers, the padding beneath carpet serves to protect the subfloor, cushion the flooring to offer more comfort, and absorb spills or messes (and keep them from damaging the subfloor).


Having a high-quality padding beneath your carpet, allows the carpet fibers to absorb less of the shock from the force of when people (or animals) walk and move around. Without enduring additional force, the fibers are protected from extensive damage, allowing them to last longer.


Replacing the carpeting or other flooring typically only occurs a few times throughout the lifetime of a home (of course this depends on a variety of factors, but generally speaking). But, even so, if you’re faced with picking out new carpet and looking at installing new floors, we always recommend not skimping on the padding and ensuring that it’s going to be the best option for you.


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