3 Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Home: The Steam Team of Austin

Voted best in Austin for cleaning 

Voted best in Austin for cleaning 

When it comes to keeping any type of flooring clean, vacuuming is a huge part of the process. Often times it can be difficult to gauge how often your home needs a thorough vacuuming, but it really all comes down to one factor: foot traffic. This factor obviously changes in different areas of the home, but the heavier the foot traffic, the more often you’ll need to break out the vacuum. Today on our blog, we’re sharing three tips from the experts about vacuuming and keeping your home clean in general. We also clean residential and commercial air ducts



Typically, carpet should be vacuumed about once a week, but when you have pets, kids, or a large amount of people in the house -- the frequency for certain areas may increase.


Our first tip is to figure out a vacuuming schedule that works best for the areas around your home. You should never be able to see dirt in your carpets with the naked eye, which is why most professionals recommend vacuuming at least weekly. Throw a couple pets and kids in the mix, you may need to vacuum 2-3 times per week just to keep the dirt and other grime at a minimum. Voted best rug cleaning company in Austin, Texas



Next, the best way to eliminate dirt particles in your carpets is to avoid them entering your home at all. Children’s shoes are the biggest culprit of mess when it comes to tracking things around the house, we always suggest leaving the shoes at the entrance of the home.



The Steam Team is a team of trained experts who have many years of experience in professional carpet cleaning. If your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning, don’t hesitate- pick up the phone and give us a call! We’re available 24/7 to help you out! One last service you might not know about is our tile cleaning service