The Best Way to Eliminate Common Household Odors

rug cleaning company

rug cleaning company

No matter who lives in your house, sometimes there are just areas where a certain odor takes its toll. Of course, if you have kids or pets, you might deal with odors more often, but everyone is susceptible to the buildup of grime around the home. We’re here to review a few common household odors and how to treat them (not just mask them), so that your home may smell as fresh and clean as the day you moved in! We guarantee our work and back it up with love. Call The Steam Team of Austin. We are the leading cleaning company in Central Texas. 


We can treat some odors with light cleaning and a moderate use of air fresheners, but others are more persistent and difficult to remove:


Carpet Odors

While carpet is typically a favored flooring for good reason -- it’s both visually appealing and comfortable to walk on -- it also picks up a ton of dirt, grime, and other particles around the home. Inadequately treated stains and spills, dusty carpet, and worn down rugs are often sources of musty smells. In some cases, pets are notorious for causing a variety of pesky odors, no matter how well “trained” they are.


Or, what about the smell coming from the laundry room? The lids on washing machines close too tightly to allow moisture to escape, causing a mildew scent to linger.


In any of these instances, the biggest issue is going to be the amount of time between the accident or spill and the cleanup. Most household cleaners are unable to adequately clean pet urine from carpet simply because they can’t reach deeply enough, simply because the liquid was left to soak into the pad beneath the carpeting.


Don’t worry just yet, though! The best way to eliminate these messes and get rid of those odors for good is by contacting a professional steam cleaning company.


The Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning uses extreme heat and high pressurized water to extract dirt, dust, and urine crystals from your carpet. The Steam Team is a professional cleaning and restoration service, with years of experience handling water and fire damage, disaster cleanup, mold, household odors, and many more -- give The Steam Team a call today!