3 Tips to Keep Ceramic Tile Clean

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Any type of tile can be difficult to clean - mostly because the grout in between the tiles is extremely porous and often absorbs stains easily. However, with steam cleaning those stains are no longer a concern. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you all about keeping your ceramic tile clean.

Act Immediately

The best thing you can do for your ceramic tile - and really, any flooring - is to act immediately if there are any spills or messes around. The longer grime, liquid, mud - whatever it may be - is left to sit, the harder it becomes to remove.

Regular Maintenance

Of course, there’s the good old regular maintenance to keep your ceramic tile looking brand new. The more frequently you sweep and mop, the less likely dirt, dust, and other particles will cover your floor and risk settling into your grout. Be careful with the products you use as harsh and abrasive chemicals and materials could damage the appearance of the tile and damage the grout.



If you need a deeper clean than what your broom and mop are able to do, maybe you can’t get a stain out or are having issue removing grime from the surface of your tile, call a professional! Steam cleaning is the most effective way to go about deep cleaning your flooring - we can always help!

Take Care of Your Grout

Grout is the most porous part of flooring, meaning it can absorb spills and create stains the easiest. Unfortunately, most grout is lightly colored - showing all of its darker imperfections (like stains). It’s important to use a sealant over your grout to prevent stains from setting, but even then, some things can’t always be prevented.

So, to best clean your tile and grout (and keep it that way), hire a professional!