The Best Way to Clean Oriental Rugs

The Rug Cleaning Team

The Rug Cleaning Team

They add an incredible appeal to the room, but oriental rugs shouldn’t be ignored throughout their lifetime. In fact, they do require extensive care. But, lucky for you, we have the best cleaning and care tips for oriental rugs around - just keep reading!

Regular Maintenance for Optimal Appearance

You all know the drill by this point, right? To maintain the best appearance with any type of flooring, regular maintenance is key.



For oriental rugs, this is what “regular maintenance” looks like:


  • Quality Padding

  • Vacuuming

  • Rotating

Care Tips for Oriental Rugs

When it comes to caring for oriental rugs, there are a few main tips to keep in mind.


  • Animal Damage

Whether you have a dog or cat, you risk damaging fabrics around the home - including oriental rugs. Cats tend to sharpen their claws and dogs may decide to chew the rug. Be prepared to devote a little extra time to training to keep your animals from damaging your beautiful rug.


  • Water Damage

The fibers in an oriental rug can become severely damaged if they come in contact with water and are not dried out properly. For this reason, avoid putting potted plants near your oriental rug - they can easily overflow and cause water damage.


  • Chemical Damage

Using carpet cleaners or other strong chemicals (like bleach) on fibers can weaken the fabric over time. It’s always advised to dilute these chemicals with water before using them with oriental rugs.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Oriental rugs are delicate and precious, it’s recommended to let the professionals handle their care. There are certain techniques and tips for handling individual fibers. For example; some fibers are extremely fragile and need to be dealt with gently. Handing over the cleaning to the professionals ensures that your oriental rug is treated properly - plus, it’s sure to look amazing!