Should You Stain Your Concrete?

Concrete And Marble Polishing And Staining

Concrete And Marble Polishing And Staining

Ah, summertime… Where the days are long and certainly hot (but beautiful, nonetheless). The late afternoons that finally start to cool off - calling your name to sit on the patio for a quiet evening. But, there’s something stopping you - the look of your dull, grey patio concrete. Oh! Slowly, your picture-perfect evening starts to go a little south. Environment really is everything, after all. So, what’s your solution?


It’s simple, really. Stain your concrete to drastically improve those aesthetics!

All About Concrete Staining

Staining your concrete has several benefits - the product you use is water-based and permanent (so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear). Furthermore, it’s entirely customizable to your taste. Whether you want a dark stain covering the grey concrete, or maybe something lighter (or even mixed areas) - it’s possible with concrete staining. Last, and of course the most important for most homeowners; you can completely makeover your patio without having to buy entirely new flooring, in turn, saving yourself some money.

How to Stain Concrete

There are certainly ways you can stain your concrete yourself, but if not done properly, there are many risks involved. If you’re wanting a guaranteed way to enjoy the new look of your concrete patio, give a professional a call.


Before applying any type of stain, the concrete itself will need to be properly cleaned, polished, and the area prepared. Then, you (or your professional) can get to work applying the stain over the area. After the stain is the desired shade or tint, the concrete can then be sealed to further protect the color.

Whether you’re going to be entertaining a group of people or simply enjoying the atmosphere by yourself, you can never go wrong with staining your concrete.