Quick Tips for Handling Water Damage

water damage emergency service

water damage emergency service

Water damage can occur at any size and severity - whether large or small. Being prepared prior to any occurrence of damage is essential in times like these - so don’t stop reading just yet! We’ve put together some quick tips for the initial acts of dealing with water damage, no matter the size.

Remove Excess Water (if you can)

Depending on where the damage occurs, you’ll want to remove any excess water you’re able to. Most importantly, from wood furniture and upholstery if possible. However, if you can remove water from your flooring as well, it’s definitely recommended.

Remove Colored Materials on Top of Carpets

Whether these materials are fabric - like rugs - cushions or even art, it’s important to remove them from carpeting immediately as with the addition of water damage, the colors could bleed and cause further damage to your carpets.

Move Furniture Off of Carpeting (if possible)

It’s difficult for carpeting to fully dry and restore to its previous condition if furniture is left on top of it when soaked. Unfortunately, for many homes that have carpeting throughout the entire home, it’s difficult to find a place to move this furniture (much less, move it by yourself). If you’re unable to - ask your professional restoration company what you should do. They may have a trick or two up their sleeve to help protect your flooring and furniture while you wait for them to get there.

Move Loose Objects to Dry Ground

This one may seem obvious, but in the midst of the commotion can also be overlooked. If you have loose objects laying around that are touching water, it’s easiest to move them to dry ground to best protect them from further water damage.

Stay Safe

Above all, do not touch anything electrical if water is near - no televisions, appliances, stereos, cell phones, cords, etc. None of it - the last thing you need is to risk your physical health and well being on top of worrying about the condition of your home.

If you’re unsure of how to handle any water damage - wait for help from a professional restoration company. You won’t regret it!