Why Should You Hire a Professional For Fire Damage Restoration?

No one expects a fire to start in their home - so often times, you won’t be prepared. The most important thing to do after a fire starts is to call for emergency help and leave the premises. Then, your next phone call should be to a professional fire damage restoration company - and for a number of reasons. We know you’ve heard it from us before, but the firefighters will be able to get the fire under control - and that’s it. They’re not available to help restore your home to its previous condition after the damage. Since water is used to control and put out the fire, depending on the size of the fire - you may be dealing with a large amount of water afterwards too. Both fire and water damage pose all kinds of risks, not only to your home, but to your health. It’s imperative to let the professionals asses the damage before stepping foot back in your home.

How the Professionals Secure the Home

First, your professional restoration company will come in and asses the damage to see the best approach for cleaning and restoring. If there are weak spots around the house from the fire and smoke damage, they’ll board up those weak spots to ensure no one gets hurt. Then, they’ll go through the belongings around the home to see what is salvageable and what isn’t - this is for your safety, to ensure the smoke that’s left inside the belongings doesn’t continue to harm or endanger anyone’s health.

24 Hour Water And Fire Damage Restoration Experts Austin, Texas

24 Hour Water And Fire Damage Restoration Experts Austin, Texas

Dealing with Smoke and Soot Damage

Professionals will be able to ensure that smoke and soot are properly removed, although it is difficult to do so entirely. Unfortunately, both smoke and soot can cause discoloration to numerous materials around the house - so the longer it’s left, the harder it is to remove and restore.

It’s important to call your restoration team as soon as possible because removing the damage sooner rather than later eliminates the risk of permanent damage!