Hidden Dangers of Smoke Damage

Smoke & Fire Damage Insurance Claims Austin

Smoke & Fire Damage Insurance Claims Austin

By now, you probably understand that there are many dangers when a fire occurs - including the dangers of smoke. However, smoke can actually be more damaging than the fire itself in some cases. If soot and ash are left around the house, it could cause discoloration to your walls, materials around the home, damage to electronics, and worst of all - health problems. It doesn’t help that it spreads rapidly, either.



Let’s dive a little deeper…

Effects on Your Home

The smoke damage has the ability to weaken the overall structure of your home - especially in big house fires where it travels into the walls. On the other hand, your HVAC system isn’t protected from smoke damage and can cause the smoke to spread throughout the entire home through your air ducts - affecting every foot around the house.

Effects on Your Health

With the way smoke damage can spread throughout the home through your HVAC system, there are many health risks from breathing in the air in and around the house. First and foremost - the toxic fumes from the smoke are unsafe to breath. They can cause lung irritation, scarring, among many other dangers inside your body.

Handling Smoke Damage

It can be detrimental to your health to attempt fire damage restoration on your own - unfortunately, it could even lead to death if the home is re-entered before the professionals have a chance to assess the damage because you won’t know the severity of smoke in the area. Whether it be weakened structure or spreading smoke damage - it’s just not worth the risk.


So, who do you call in a time like this to avoid the smoke damage?

A professional restoration company - like The Steam Team. The professionals have all of the right equipment, training, and expertise to handle these situations in the safest way possible.