A Quick Guide to Drapery Cleaning

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration San Marcos, Texas

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration San Marcos, Texas

They’re often one of the most forgotten fabrics in the house - your drapes. Unfortunately, this also makes them one of the dirtiest. They often collect lots of dust, dirt, and even mold as it makes it’s way around the house, but are then neglected - leaving you sneezing or itching your nose. Just as your carpet benefits from regular cleaning, so do your window treatments. So we’ve put together a quick (and simple) guide to drapery cleaning to lend you a helping hand!

What Kind of Drapes Do You Have?

Window treatments are often made from different fabrics like; cotton, wool, polyester, silk, etc. Just as carpet fibers vary, these fabrics should be cleaned accordingly. In some cases, you may be able to take the drapes off of your windows and throw them in the wash. However, whether or not they can be washed like your laundry can depends on their pattern and material. Do not wash pleated drapes!

Regular Cleaning

When you’re doing your weekly (or biweekly) regular cleaning around the house, you can include your drapes. The fabrics can be vacuumed with the attachment regularly to keep grime buildup at a minimum. However, professionals do have better equipment to ensure for a more thorough clean.

Deep Cleaning

Just as any other fabric - whether it be furniture or flooring - needs occasional deep cleaning, so do those window treatments. Fortunately, they can be steam cleaned like other fabrics! When you’re planning on steam cleaning your carpets - throw the drapes in, too, and we promise you won’t regret it. You likely already know the benefits that come with steam cleaning, but just in case - we’ll remind you. Lack of chemicals, quick drying time, thorough clean, kids and pet friendly, we could go on and on.

So, is it time for a good, thorough, deep clean for your drapes? You tell us - we think it’s probably safe to say; yes! Don’t hesitate to give us a call!