The Best Way to Clean Carpets in Cedar Park, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Cedar Park, TX

Carpet Cleaning Cedar Park, TX

Each different type of carpet should be treated differently. With shag carpet (or rugs), especially, it can be difficult to find the methods that are going to yield the best results.

Choosing A Vacuum

Most vacuums have small wheels, but these often pose a problem when it comes to high-piled carpeting because they have a hard time pushing through all of the fibers. So, there are a few things to look for when choosing a vacuum; larger wheels and a machine that weighs less work best to move through the thickness of a shag carpet or rug.



Just as you would any other carpet, don’t forget to regularly vacuum to keep it in the best shape and elongate its lifetime. Regularly cleaning your carpet will also keep it from looking dirty on a consistent basis, obviously, but it keeps you from having to deal with a damaged carpet once you begin to notice the dirt and grime.

Deep Cleaning

Since choosing a vacuum is so different for shag carpets or rugs, you may be thinking that deep cleaning is too - but it’s actually not much different! That’s the nice thing about steam cleaning - it’s extremely versatile. No matter the type of flooring, steam cleaning can be used to get that thorough, deep clean that your carpet needs.


Your best bet is to hire a professional once, twice, or three times a year, because they’ll know how to maneuver their equipment through the high-piled fibers. A steam cleaning professional will also give you better suction, more power, and of course - a deeper clean.


When cleaning yourself, keep in mind that many materials and fibers do require different treatment. But - you can always count on your professionals at The Steam Team for that thorough steam cleaning that your flooring needs.