How Inspection Works After Water Damage

24 Hour Emergency Service Austin, Texas 

24 Hour Emergency Service Austin, Texas 


After your home has suffered from water damage, the entire house and extent of damage needs to be inspected and evaluated. Not just for insurance purposes, although that is extremely important, but also to evaluate how much cleaning and restoration is needed. Typically, there are two inspections - a exterior and interior inspection - to thoroughly assess all of the damage.

What the Inspector is Looking For

On the outside, an inspector will be looking for signs of water damage - obviously. However, those signs look different on the outside than they do the inside. On the outside, there could be cracks or breaks in the foundation or exterior material on the house. If the roof was affected, look for missing shingles or collapsing areas in the roof. Depending on how the water damage occurred, they may look for places that would be leaking on the exterior.


On the inside, they’ll begin by looking at the ceiling for cracks or water spots to determine where the damage is coming from (if not already known). Otherwise, they’ll look around the home to see the areas that have been affected - the walls, doors, and other structural damages. They’ll also look at fixtures and appliances around the home to make sure those are safe and sound. Finally, they’ll inspect your bathrooms, flooring damage, and belongings.

How A Professional Restoration Company Can Help

When it comes to inspection and assessment of damage, a professional restoration company can help more than you think. With their experience, they already know what to look for, they know how to document everything from taking pictures to writing descriptions. Plus, they have all of the equipment you’ll need to begin cleaning and restoring your home to its previous condition.

It’s best to eliminate any additional stress, since the process can be hectic as it is. Hiring a professional company to help you throughout the entire process.