3 Common Causes of House Fires

Austin Fire Damage Contractor

Austin Fire Damage Contractor

Fortunately, or unfortunately - however you choose to look at it - almost all household fires are preventable. We wanted to go over the top 3 most common causes for house fires to (hopefully) help homeowners become more aware of these dangers around the house. So, let’s get started!

  1. Smoking

While this is likely no surprise, thousands of people ignite fires in their home every year from falling asleep while smoking cigarettes or cigars inside or near the house.



The best way to prevent a fire caused from smoking is to take extreme caution when choosing to smoke. Don’t be careless! Never smoke in bed or somewhere you can lay down - like the sofa or a recliner.

  1. Candles

The aroma that candles can fill the house with, along with such a calming atmosphere, obviously make them a very loved addition to the house. However, candles are often used improperly - put in the wrong holders or too close to flammable fabrics and objects, making them one of the most common reasons behind house fires.


If you love to have candles around the home, don’t worry! You still can, just light them with caution. Use sturdy candle holders, be aware of where the candles are placed - ensuring that they won’t tip over and light something on fire. Lastly, never (EVER) leave candles lit around the house overnight or in your absence.

  1. Cooking

Even though we’ve saved it for last, cooking is the number one cause of household fires - usually caused by leave the stove on unattended.


If you’re cooking, do not leave the house - it is as simple as that. You may be thinking, “well of course, I would never!” but it happens so often. Many people think they’ll run somewhere super quick - just a minute or two, maybe it’s just next door - what could go wrong? You could get caught up and it take longer than expected, something could burn, a grease fire could start, there are so many things that could go wrong when the stove is left unattended during cooking - don’t risk it!

If you’re facing fire damage, give your local restoration company - The Steam Team - a call!