How Should Your Clean Your Leather Furniture?

Leather Cleaning Austin, Texas

Leather Cleaning Austin, Texas

The biggest concern when it comes to leather furniture is finding a way to properly clean it so as to not dry it out. Leather needs to be treated carefully and - like other furniture - regularly cleaned and maintained. Since it’s a material prone to drying out, you’ll want to stay away from chemicals that could reduce any moisture.


So, what products should you use?


There are many leather-specific cleaners and conditioners that are made specifically to take care of your leather furniture and keep it from drying out. Using these every so often will keep your furniture in its best condition, but don’t forget the other maintenance you can do! Dusting often and even vacuuming will keep any dirt and debris from damaging your leather over time. Leather isn’t known for it’s elasticity - in fact, quite the opposite. Keeping the material conditioned will keep it from tearing and becoming damaged.  


Now, let’s talk about stains for a minute. Depending on the spill that’s causing the stain, it may need professional attention. For example, with grease, you’ll want to call in the professionals. Water can make grease stains tremendously worse and you wouldn’t want to ruin your furniture just because you’re trying to clean it! However, any spill should be treated immediately - the sooner you’re able to clean up the excess liquid, the easier the stain will be to remove.


You likely spent a good amount of time shopping for your furniture - and a pretty penny on it, too. With how expensive leather can be, maximize your investment by taking proper care of it and elongating the lifetime of your furniture! Don’t try to clean and condition it yourself if you aren’t sure what you’re doing - don’t be afraid to call in the professionals!