What Causes Carpet to Soil?

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

  1. Nicotine

Just as nicotine can yellow your teeth, it can do the same to your carpets. Unfortunately, the color of your carpet isn’t the only thing that nicotine can affect. When you smoke indoors, your carpet fibers can soak up the odor of smoke pretty easily - just as many other fabrics do.

  1. Direct Sunlight

Not only does direct sunlight fade the color saturation of your carpet, but it also can cause it to turn yellow-ish in color (no matter the color of fibers).

  1. Overly Aggressive Cleaning Agents

It’s always important to use the proper cleaning products and techniques for your carpet fibers. When you don’t, the chemicals could be too aggressive for your carpet specifically, and end up damaging it further. In fact, not only can it weaken the fibers themselves, but it can also turn them yellow (we bet you never saw that coming)!

  1. Dirt Build Up - Soil Abrasion

It’s no secret that dirt gets tracked through the house - why else would you clean your floors so frequently? Whether it’s by the dog, the kids, or yourself - it’s going to happen. However, soil and debris build up can cause abrasion in the carpet fibers, leading to yellowing.

  1. Urine

For obvious reasons urine can turn carpet yellow, but it also carries a heavy odor that is often difficult to get rid of.



So, what can you do about yellowing carpet?

In some cases, like soil abrasion, you may need to look at replacement carpet. But - you can prevent it by using entry mats or taking your shoes off before walking on the carpet (especially in areas with heavy traffic). In other situations, your best bet is to hire a professional steam cleaning company to inspect the damage and point you in the right direction (whether that be cleaning or replacement).

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