3 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During Spring

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

You may have done a good, thorough spring cleaning when the season first rolled in. But now, you’re noticing that the dust and grime is building back up (even if you don’t have kids or pets)! There are several things you can (regularly) do to keep your home clean - and they don’t take much time either!

Wipe the Counters

Not necessarily after every meal or every time you’re in the kitchen, but definitely every evening, at the end of each day. Throughout the day, you spend countless time in the kitchen - prepping, cooking, eating - and lots of that is done on the counters. After a while, the grime builds up, making it more difficult to clean the longer it’s left. A simple, quick wipe-down every night should solve that problem!

Sweep the Floor

You may be sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming once a week or so - maybe more if you’ve got multiple pets and kiddos. But, there’s a lot of dirt and other particles that get tracked through your house - especially when they’re left on the floor. To protect your flooring (whether it’s tile, hardwood, or carpet), do a quick sweep through the house each day. Nothing too time-consuming, but it’ll keep the dirt from accumulating and causing any damage.

Dust Fixtures and Shelves

It doesn’t take very long before dust begins to build up on light fixtures, fans, and shelves. But, just like sweeping or wiping the counters - a quick dusting of these places a few times each week will minimize the dust collection around your house (and keep it out of your air ducts).



And for those of you who haven’t gotten started on your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget the carpets and furniture! Assuming they haven’t been cleaned in awhile, it’s a good time to consider steam cleaning.