Have You Cleaned Your Office Carpet Lately?

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

As we previously wrote about in another blog, your flooring at home isn’t the only flooring you need to clean and protect. In fact, your office flooring probably gets much more traffic! So it only makes sense that it should be cleaned more often, right?


It can be difficult to tell when your carpet needs to be cleaned. In fact, most people wait until they can see stains and other dirty spots to call a professional crew. But, this can actually be harmful to your carpets because these particles damage the carpet fibers long before they’re visible to you. So how can you know when it needs to be cleaned?


The best way to go about commercial cleaning is to have a regular schedule, like every six months or so (depending on the amount of traffic and size of your office), for example. You’d be surprised how much cleaner your floor will look just with this added maintenance! So maybe you don’t want to have your carpets cleaned too often, we can understand that. But, think about this way - cleaning your carpets isn’t just about the way they look, it’s about protecting your investment.

Now, there are things that you can do to keep your carpets protected for some time (although they won’t eliminate the need for a thorough, professional cleaning every once in awhile). For example, using a protective floor mat in a high-traffic area is a great way to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that goes into your carpet fibers. If you want to do this - don’t forget about the areas where you deal with food or water too!

Is it time for your regular cleaning? Don’t wait - give us a call today! The Steam Team can thoroughly clean your office carpets and even help you figure out a good schedule for future cleanings.