The Time Sensitivity of Fire Damage Restoration in Austin Texas

Detailed Deep Home Cleaning 

Detailed Deep Home Cleaning 

You may not be able to control the fire itself, but you can control the damage from worsening after the fire has been put out. Before you run back into your house - we don’t recommend that you attempt to restore your home yourself. We previously covered why hiring a professional is critical in these situations, but additionally, when it comes to cleaning up these dangerous residues most people don’t consider one of the biggest factors; time. While it may seem like the damage couldn’t worsen after the fire is gone because it isn’t there to continue to spread, the opposite is actually true. The smoke is actually just as bad as the fire itself, except it’s much harder to remove completely from the home. And, that’s not the only residue that could exacerbate the damage further over time, unfortunately.



Don’t wait - you don’t want it to get any worse! Call a professional restoration company, like The Steam Team, to begin cleaning your home as soon as possible. As professionals, we understand the importance of time sensitivity in these situations - we won’t hesitate to make your home our priority.

How Fire Damage Changes Over Time

Dealing with the damage immediately can salvage many of your belongings - including fixtures, appliances, and furniture. While cleaning and restoring your entire home within a few minutes is likely unrealistic, even just waiting a few hours could cause certain metals and materials to tarnish or yellow. However - it doesn’t stop there.


After a few days, the smoke and soot residue can begin to seep through your walls and upholstered furniture, causing permanent stains. After weeks, the residues become extremely difficult to remove - which can raise the cost of your restoration, but will also cause tremendous permanent damage like corrosion and discoloration.


Removing these residues before they reach this point is obviously ideal, but in order to do so you need special equipment that requires vigorous training to use as neither residue can be removed from washing, unfortunately. But, don’t worry - our experienced (and licensed) professional technicians are here to help!