Top 3 Steam Cleaning Myths Austin, Texas

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Austin, Texas

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Austin, Texas

Are you ready to finally buy that steam cleaner you’ve been eyeing in the local Austin Target for the past several weeks? Wait - don’t make the purchase just yet. While many people think that owning their own steam carpet cleaner will make a drastic difference in the appearance of their flooring, it’s actually a myth. For a good, thorough, deep clean, hiring a professional company is always the better (and easier) route.

1. Adding moisture to the carpet will result in mold and mildew.

Steam cleaning (also referred to as hot water extraction) does involve using moisture (steam). However, that doesn’t mean that mold or mildew are left behind. In fact, the machine that professionals use to steam clean carpets attaches to their vehicle for industrial grade pressure and suction to optimize your cleaning results. The power behind the suction helps to remove majority of the moisture, whatever remains is certainly not enough to cause concern for mold.

2. Carpet needs to be dry cleaned only.

This may be one of the biggest myths we’ve heard yet - but we hear it all the time. Often times, carpet retailers will say that it can only be dry cleaned. Fortunately (for you AND your carpet), this is merely an opinion and couldn’t be more false. Dry cleaning carpet methods are typically ineffective while steam cleaning is becoming widely recommended from even the largest carpet manufacturers.

1. Store-bought steam cleaning machines can get the job done thoroughly and efficiently - like hiring a professional company.

As previously stated, it is a myth that your own steam cleaning machine would provide similar results to that of a professional and experienced company. The reasoning behind this is because professionals have access to the latest equipment (which has significantly more power) - not only that, but they have the training, knowledge, and experience to complete the job properly.