A Simple Guide to Caring For Your Carpets in Round Rock, Texas

Maid Service Austin

Maid Service Austin

Choosing the flooring that you’ll walk on in your home for the following years is no light decision (for you or your wallet). However, one of the best ways to elongate the lifetime of your floors is by taking excellent care of them. This doesn’t only consist of remembering to vacuum every once in awhile, it’s much more than that. To make things more simple, we’ve put together the most important ways you can care for your carpets.



Avoid Dirt & Debris

We know with kids and pets it’s not always possible to keep as much dirt as you can off your carpets. But, if you’re able to, it can drastically improve the look and feel of your floors - no matter the material.

Regularly Vacuum

Since we can’t keep every speck of grime out of our carpet fibers, regularly vacuuming will help to loosen up any particles that have become stuck.

Treat Spills Immediately

Spills are much easier to clean and less likely to stain when they are immediately attended to. It’s best to remove any excess liquid first (by using a towel to soak it up), and then target the spot if there’s any discoloration leftover. If you’re dealing with a pesky stain and it’s proving to be much more difficult than you thought, don’t forget you can call a professional to help with spot treating!

Periodically Deep Clean

Periodically - as in, once or twice a year - your carpets should be deep cleaned by a professional. It’s no secret that your local hardware store probably rents out “industrial grade” steam cleaning machines, but for a thorough deep clean, you’ll likely want to ask for help from a professional steam cleaning company. Not only is it less hassle for you to deal with, but their equipment is more powerful, giving your carpet a deeper clean.

Now that you know the basics to take excellent care of your carpeting, your carpets are sure to last a long time. Next time you’re in need of a thorough cleaning, give us a call - our technicians are certified, knowledgeable, and experienced. Don’t hesitate - schedule your cleaning today!