Proper Care for Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Expert Josh Lasch

Area Rug Cleaning Expert Josh Lasch

Maybe your area rug serves to conceal a nasty carpet stain in your living room! Or perhaps it’s the piece that makes the entire atmosphere- or maybe to you, it’s just a rug! No matter its purpose, your area rug will undoubtedly collect enough dust and dirt to warrant a thorough, deep cleaning every once in awhile! In the interim, follow these tips on keeping your rugs in their best condition!

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

Routine vacuuming is the very best thing you can do for your area rugs (just be careful not to vacuum over fringes!). Determine how frequently you should vacuum by observing foot traffic. Rugs placed in areas with high foot traffic will obviously need to be vacuumed more often (sorry, parents and pet owners!).

If your rug is placed over tile or hardwood flooring, don’t forget to sweep this area thoroughly, too. It may be more convenient to knock out both of these chores simultaneously.

Stain Removal

It’s time to put those cat-like reflexes to good use! As always, we can prevent permanent staining by catching spills as soon as they happen. For liquid stains, start by absorbing as much of the moisture as possible with a clean, white cloth. Next, be careful to blot the stain, as opposed to rubbing the affected area (doing this will likely deepen the stain). Your cleaning solution can be as simple as a spray bottle mixture of warm water,  ¼ tablespoon of Dawn, and 1/4  cup of white vinegar. Spray the affected area, let the mixture settle for 5-10 minutes, and then blot the stain away with a clean cloth.

Professional Care, Professional Results

For impressive results that you can rely on, call The Steam Team today for cleaning in Round Rock, Texas! Our team of experts will work to remove old stains, fresh stains, dust, dirt, allergens- all of it- until your area rugs look brand new!