Simple Steps for a Spotless Kitchen Flooring

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Your kitchen floor handles an impressive amount of foot traffic: traffic from the spouse, the children, the children’s playmates, the pets… It certainly sees a little bit of everyone and everything throughout the day. As time passes, this all adds up to a decent amount of wear and tear! Not to mention, you’ll also notice an increased amount of dust and dirt buildup! Does it ever seem as if the cleaning never ends?

Spot Mopping & Spills

We often stress the importance of cleaning up spills immediately after they’ve landed, and here we are to remind you one more time. But this time, we worry less about permanent stains or damage; your tile or wood finishing should be able to handle a loose noodle, or a dribble of milk! This time around, it’s all about preventative work. It’s a great habit to quickly tend to spills, and spot mop your kitchen floor as you notice droplets or dirt spots. Especially water droplets, as they spread and become larger dirt spots.

Routine Cleaning

It’s helpful to implement a consistent mopping routine for your kitchen flooring. This will keep the workload from piling up and save you plenty of frustration in the long run! There are several methods you could go with, including sweeping, vacuuming, dry dusting, damp mopping, etc! And of course, we always recommend steam cleaning…

Calling the Pro’s

Sometimes, your kitchen simply calls for a professional treatment. Whether it’s a few times a year, or during a “spring cleaning,” session, steam cleaning your kitchen is an efficient, highly effective way to deep clean your home. The Steam Team is always ready to help you out! Equipped with years of experience in tile and grout cleaning, as well as a wide array of other cleaning and restoration endeavors, we’re ready to take on any challenge! Simple Steps for a Spotless Kitchen Flooring