Should Your Hardwood Flooring Be Refinished?



Choosing hardwood flooring for your home is never a bad idea! In fact, most homeowners go this route probably for the same reasons you would: hardwood flooring adds value to your home, is aesthetically appealing, and has a longer lifespan than other flooring options. Of course, like any material, it can eventually wear down and need cleaning, refinishing, or even replacing. But luckily, we’re here to help inform you of when your hardwood flooring may need some TLC, and who to call when the project becomes too complicated!

When to Consider Refinishing

So, when should you expect to have to refinish your hardwood flooring? If you spot any of your dings, scratches, or gouges on your flooring (maybe you’ve already hidden them underneath your furniture- don’t forget to check), then you might want to get the ball rolling.


If your floor experiences a lot of traffic throughout the day (shoes, pets, children, etc.) you may expect it to need refinishing sooner than expected, or more frequently. Sometimes home owners decide to refinish just for a change in style, or to help their house look new again. You don’t necessarily have to wait for an incident to occur if you feel you need something different, either.


Before you begin, be sure to scope the area for floorboards that may be warped, split, deeply stained, or sagging. These issues will need immediate attention- contact the professionals!

Calling in the Professionals

Refinishing hardwood flooring is definitely not the easiest of around-the-house chores. Sometimes, it’s best to go ahead and call in the professionals (you’ll save on renting costs, prevent causing further damage, AND save yourself a ton of stress and hassle). Professional cleaning and restoration companies, like The Steam Team, have the proper equipment and most expert knowledge for projects like these.


Don’t hesitate - contact The Steam Team today!