Make Your Bathroom Sparkle with Steam Cleaning!

Cleaning Austin

Cleaning Austin

The bathroom: the last room to be checked off of the “To Do” list, sheerly because we just don’t want to clean it, it’s gross!


Soap scum builds around our sinks and faucets, dust, dirt, and grime build up on the flooring and in the baseboards, and the toilet remains its very own kind of filthy. If your regular cleaning routine isn’t cutting it, or you want to make sure everything is clean and pristine for company coming over, consider trying out a steam cleaner, or hiring a professional cleaning company, like The Steam Team!

Showers & Tubs

Most people bathe or shower at least once per day, sometimes more frequently. In larger households the shower tubs will see even more activity, and build up soap scum and other grime far more quickly. There are many impressive solutions available over the counter, but none work quite as well as a good steam cleaning!

Sinks & Toilets

Unfavorable stains, discoloration, algae, soap scum- none of it is any match for the high temperatures and intense pressure of a steam cleaner. We know the feeling of wiping your counter down with cleaner, but still being able to “feel,” the grime underneath. But we can assure you that this won’t be the case after you steam clean.


Again, with higher traffic, your flooring will build up dust and dirt quickly. It’s helpful to sweep and mop on a regular basis, and steam clean when it gets real tough. Your bathroom will look like new all over again!


Steam cleaning is an efficient, environmentally safe way to tackle dirt and grime in your bathroom. If yours hasn’t been looking up to par lately, consider giving The Steam Team a call today! We have professionals standing, waiting to help you.