How Frequently Should You Steam Clean Your Carpet?

The Steam Team Cleaning 

The Steam Team Cleaning 

Many homeowners struggle to gauge how frequently they need their carpets to be professionally cleaned, or cleaned in general. But the truth is actually that there isn’t a specific amount of time that should pass between cleanings. Everything depends on how much traffic your carpet regularly endures. How many people are living in your home? Do you have any pets? These factors can greatly affect how often your home needs a professional’s attention.


If you have children, we know you’re familiar with the spills, stains, and dirty, dusty feet that frequent your living room carpets and rugs. It’s tough to stay on top of every little incident. Mud stains, grass stains, sticky juice and crumbs… but all of these can disappear after a thorough steam cleaning.


Your living room, entry way, and kids’ rooms are probably the rooms which need the most attention. Steam cleaners use pressurized water, and intense heat to extract dirt and debris from deep down in your carpet fibers. These areas will look brand new again after the process is finished!

Dogs, Cats, & Other Furry Companions

It comes as no surprise that dogs, cats, and other household pets can worsen the condition of our carpet, as well. Fido’s fur can cling to carpet fibers, Garfield spills wet cat food down the sides of his bowl, and your pet ferret had an accident late last night. What a mess! All of these are recipes for a carpet disaster. We suggest keeping a close eye on the condition of your carpet as time goes on, and consider calling in a professional to have it deep cleaned every six to nine months!


As time passes, and your carpet begins to show signs of wear and tear, it’s important to have a professional cleaning company routinely clean and disinfect your home. Doing so can effectively treat and remove stains, keep your home brighter and healthier, and prolong the life of your carpet. If your home needs a professional touch today, don’t hesitate to call The Steam Team!