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Should I Clean the Carpet in my New Home?

We’ve all been there; you just picked up the keys to your new house, you open the door and begin thinking about all of the things you should clean. Maybe the prior owners cleaned after themselves (lucky you), but how do you know exactly how well they were able to clean the carpets? Stains, dirt, and debris can be in the carpet without being visible to the naked eye, so it’s probably in your best interest to thoroughly clean the carpet.

When Should the Carpets be Cleaned?

Before you begin moving your stuff in, you may want to do a quick cleaning throughout the whole home. After you’ve tackled the kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll likely want to finish the carpets before putting your furniture on them. The easiest way to guarantee clean floors is to hire a professional steam cleaning company. Plus, who really wants to worry about cleaning their carpets on moving day?

Why Steam Cleaning?

You may be tempted to pick up some carpet cleaning solution at the grocery store and spray and scrub your new floors on your own. Before you head out the front door, consider steam cleaning – a much safer and more efficient option. Using mainly water, heat, and suction, you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals for your pets or kids.

The amount of suction that a professional steam cleaning company is able to use with an industrial-grade machine is also an extremely efficient way to remove any debris in your carpet fibers. You can rest assured knowing the machine picked up any leftover dirt from the previous owners.

Are you planning a move with the New Year? Don’t forget to clean those carpets before you move your furniture in!