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New Year, New Carpet?

A New Year is usually accompanied by many resolutions that (probably) won’t last more than the first few months of the year. However, there is one resolution that can be easy to accomplish – new carpet. Are you tired of looking at your ten-year-old carpet filled with stains and that musty odor you just can’t seem to get rid of? Use the New Year as an excuse to splurge on the new carpet you obviously need, it’s sure to be one decision you don’t regret!

What to Know Before Buying that Carpet

The type of carpet you buy should depend on the area it will be in. If you didn’t pick out and install the original carpet in your home, chances are you haven’t learned about the different carpet fibers. Each carpet is going to absorb spills, dirt, and debris differently – it’s important to know the difference for the different areas in your home.

For example, for an area with high traffic, you’ll probably want a carpet that doesn’t damage easily. Meaning, it’s less likely to absorb accidents, spills, and other stains.

Don’t skip the padding, either. Choosing the padding is almost as important as the carpet itself, because the padding can absorb spills and other stains just the same. Additionally, the padding adds to the overall comfort of the flooring.

What About Color?

Choosing a carpet with a beautiful color can change the entire atmosphere of your room, really making the floor a part of the space. However, color can also fade with time – especially if it’s in direct sunlight. Before choosing a color, look around the room and see how many areas on the floor are susceptible to the sun. You may have to save the richer colors for rooms that have less natural light, but you won’t have to deal with the color fading!

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