How To Keep Your Upholstery Clean in the Central Texas Austin area

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

No, none of this article will require you purchasing plastic covers to protect your beloved upholstered furniture. But, we all know that it can feel like a nearly impossible task - especially if you have young kids or pets. While you could purchase a more aesthetically appealing fabric slip cover, there are still a couple other options worth exploring first.



First, you absolutely need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. That means regularly vacuuming the furniture to get all the dust and debris out of there! Periodically throughout the year, call up your local steam cleaning company (like The Steam Team in Austin) and have them come out to give your furniture a good, thorough, deep clean.


Fluff - and fluff, often! To best maintain their comfort and shape, the cushions of your upholstered furniture should be fluffed quite often. Since they’re full of material that can be easily moved in different directions, the cushions will start to take different shapes or become flat over time. It’s sure to keep your favorite furniture in tip-top shape and you can guarantee it’ll stay comfortable!


Don’t forget to ask the manufacturer about a stain protector! If they don’t put one on before your furniture is delivered, you may want to look at products that you can purchase separately in order to keep stains at bay.


Lastly, if you can, keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Often times, direct sunlight can cause extensive wear to your upholstery and fade its brilliant color. While this could be protected with a fabric slip cover, you may want to just move the furniture out of the sun to avoid it altogether!


Is it time to schedule your regular professional upholstery cleaning? We’d love to help! Give us a call here at The Steam Team so we can get something set on the calendar for you!