The Easiest Way to Remove Pet Odor in Georgetown, Texas

Smoke Damage Austin

Smoke Damage Austin

The Easiest Way to Remove Pet Odor

Anyone who owns a pet has been in your shoes, trust us. Especially if you’re starting from the baby stage – they mean well, but man can puppies do some damage! Pet accidents can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if they’ve soaked through to several deeper layers of your carpet or padding.

What can you do?

If you notice your pet has had an accident, the most important thing is to soak up as much of it as you can immediately. The longer the liquid is allowed to absorb in your carpet, the harder its stain and odor can be to remove.

How severe is it?

There’s a wide range of severity when it comes to accidents like these. Sometimes, it’s mild enough to only touch the surface carpet fibers. In which case, a simple cleaning can remove the odor.

However, in moderate cases, you may need an odor neutralizer to remove the odor from deeper layers within your carpet. The application of this neutralizer isn’t a difficult process, especially if you hire a professional, but it may not be able to work completely if the problem lies deeper than you think.

In severe cases, you may need to replace the entire carpet and padding. It depends on the area that has been effected and by how much. In extremely unfortunate and severe cases, this may not even do the trick.

Professionals may suggest using an enzyme treatment, odor sealant, and replacing everything (down to the tack strips) when it comes to these situations. It’s possible to remove, it’s just going to take a little extra work (or a lot).

If you’re working on potty training your pup – consider doing so in areas without carpet. Although pet urine isn’t ideal for any flooring, it’s much easier to remove from tile floors than it is from carpet.

Are you struggling to remove pet odor from your home? Call us, today, to have it professionally cleaned!