Carpet Cleaning Myths – Busted! Straight out of Austin!

Fine Rug Cleaning 

Fine Rug Cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning Myths – Busted!

By David Marquardt

It’s inevitable, there are always myths out there about everything – but what can we believe? Are those common cleaning myths we so often hear actually true? Read on to find out!

  1. You should only dry clean your fine carpet

Absolutely not! The problem with dry cleaning your carpet is that it doesn’t dig down far enough and pull up all of the dirt. Dry cleaning gets the surface well, so your carpet will appear clean. However, in a couple days or weeks (depending on how high of a traffic area your carpet is in) the dirt will resurface and you’ll be stuck cleaning your carpet again.

  1. I’ll damage my carpet if I clean it too often, so I should wait to get it steam cleaned

No. In fact, the longer you wait to clean your carpets thoroughly, the more dirt and grime they collect and the more damage they undergo. You cannot damage your carpet by cleaning it “too often” if you’re cleaning it properly. A plus side to cleaning your carpet often is that it will always look brand new!

  1. Since steam cleaning contains moisture, my carpet will mold

We’re very happy to bust this myth! Steam cleaning actually does not cause mold in your carpets. The vacuum used to remove the moisture is able to remove 85% of moisture that is leftover. We will never leave you with a wet carpet, we can assure you that! If there is any moisture after the vacuum is used, this usually dries fairly quickly – so no mold ever grows.

  1. Household cleaners are able to remove stains just as well as steam cleaning

We’ve always shared tips to remove small stains in your carpets if you’re unable to get them steam cleaned, and have given many easy-to-make cleaner suggestions. However, we will say that any of these alternatives are not going to clean as deeply as steam cleaning will. Therefore, the stain may resurface in the future as the other dirt rises. If you’re looking for a safe and 100% effective way to remove stains and dirt from your carpet – contact us today! (800) 880-7785