What Can You Do After A Fire? San Marcos, TX

Water Clean Up 

Water Clean Up 

What Can You do After a Fire?

By Amy Renken

We have covered several tips on what to do after you encounter water damage, but what about fire? With all of the heartbreaking fires that are igniting around the world right now, we wanted to share a few tips for how to handle your home and furniture if you should have to deal with a fire this season.

  1. Do NOT Enter

First things first, avoid re-entering your home at all costs if you have any fire damage. There are several things that could go wrong if you decide to enter your home after a fire; personal injury, further damage to your home, and you’ll also breathe in air that could cause damage to your organs. The best thing you can do immediately is to call a professional. They have proper clothing to wear so they will not be harmed, and are also properly trained to handle these types of situations – leave it to them!

  1. Air Flow

Once your house is deemed safe, the next step is to make sure there is plenty of air circulation. Opening all of the doors and windows will help to get the air moving in and out (which will, in turn, take the smoke out). Even turning on ceiling fans and any extra fans you happen to have lying around, will help to get the air flow going. You can’t have enough circulation!

  1. Remove the Soot

This one you will need a professional to do, but it is the next step in recovering from fire damage. There are many companies who are properly trained and have the latest equipment to do this job. All of the soot needs to be removed in order to salvage any flooring or furniture. A regular vacuum will not remove the soot, this is why it is important to contact a professional – they have equipment that will physically remove the soot, which is the only way to properly restore flooring and furniture that has any damage due to a fire.

Stay tuned for more important restoration tips to come! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-880-7785 we’re more than happy to answer them!