How do you remove stains from carpet?

How to Remove Common Household Stains

By Amy Renken

Breathe – It’s going to be alright, just keep reading on how to remove those pesky, yet common, carpet stains.

  1. Pet Stains

This is always the most dreaded stain. Not only can it stink up your whole house, it’s also incredibly difficult to remove with regular household cleaners (even the ones labeled “for pets”). After trying to soak up any excess, use club soda to cover the stain and try to soak it up again. If you are still having trouble, use some white vinegar with water. Try and stay away from ammonia-based products to clean up pet urine because their urine is actually ammonia based so they will usually try and go in the same area.

  1. Coffee

Yikes! This one hurts. As you would any other wet stain, soak up all of the excess liquid. Although with coffee, you want to be a little more cautious than usual because you can spread the stain easily. Switch out your blotting cloths quickly, if you let them get too dirty you’ll finish only to realize you’ve stained more carpet. A bleach and water mixture will help remove the coffee stain, although you have to treat it very gently. Spray the solution, soak with some warm water, and repeat until the stain is gone.

  1. Wine

Soak and blot, soak and blot, soak and blot. Your two new favorite words! Well, if you’re prone to wine spillage accidents, that is. Soak up the excess wine, and blot until the spot is dry. This is another one where you can make a home-made solution that will typically help remove the stain really well. Mix a little bit of white vinegar, water, and dish soap together and soak. Then blot. Then soak, again. Then blot some more until the stain is removed.

One key factor in cleaning stains, we’ve mentioned it before but here’s a reminder; know what type of carpet you have. Depending on your type of carpet, you may need to find alternative cleaning methods. Or as always, call us at 1-800-880-7785, to come steam clean your carpet!