How do you get rid of odors?

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

5 Ways to Eliminate Household Odors

By Amy Renken

Have you ever walked into your home and wondered, “what is that smell?” Chances are, like me, you probably have. The next step is always trying to find out where it came from and sticking your nose into everything you possibly can. I hate when that happens, nobody likes to try and figure out where a bad smell is coming from. Well, what if I told you I had a couple odor eliminating tricks to share?

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda has many, many uses other than for baking. Does your fridge have an unpleasant smell to it? Maybe it smells kind of, stale? Baking soda can fix that! Plus it’s super easy – just stick an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator. You can put it in a drawer or on any of the shelves, just make sure it’s open. Baking soda can even rid the smell of cigarettes and the musty feeling from your furniture if you just let sit there!

  1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is another one that has a ton of useful purposes! Does your dishwasher have that murky, musty smell to it? That’s the worst; nobody wants to open up their clean dishes to smell that. Run a cycle, empty, with just a couple cups of white vinegar – it’ll take care of that real quick! It also works well to clean out a smelly coffee maker and your garbage disposal. Just run some vinegar through your coffee maker and pour some down the drain!

  1. Fans

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy with this one (because it seems pretty obvious) but you would be surprised how helpful fans really are when trying to rid your musty areas of that mildew-y feel. Especially in a bathroom, where there is always lots of moisture. The first step you can take to rid your bathroom of any musty feel is to wash your mats and towels often. Then run the exhaust fan to remove the moisture, or if you don’t have an exhaust fan – a regular fan will work just fine! Open windows and doors, and let the moisture head on out of there.

And there you have it, gone are the days of musty, stinky, smelly odors!