Advantages to Steam Cleaning Austin, Texas

Steam Cleaning Textiles 

Steam Cleaning Textiles 

5 Advantages to Steam Cleaning

By Amy Renken

You have a dirty carpet, stains on your furniture, or maybe your home has a hint of pet odor-how can you possibly solve all of these problems in one step? I’ve got an answer for you: Steam Cleaning. 


Steam cleaning is extremely effective in removing stains, deodorizing, and even mold removal all-in-one. There is no need to separately treat your carpet for each problem when you plan on steam cleaning. Especially with mold in high moisture content areas (such as the bathroom) steam cleaning is an extremely effective way to remove any toxins, germs, and bacteria.


One major benefit to steam cleaning as opposed to using harmful cleaning products to remove stains, is that it is non-toxic. Steam cleaning only uses heat and water as a means to extract stains and, in fact, can kill 99% of the bacteria that is in your carpet or furniture. Non-toxic means a safer home for you, your children, and your pets! 


As previously mentioned, steam cleaning only uses heat and water-this also means that it does not stir up additional allergies around your home. In fact, using steam to clean your carpets, fabrics, and furniture removes pet odor and other particles that cause allergies. 

Easy Clean-Up

The water that is used while steam cleaning is easily extracted from the carpet after it is cleaned. Unlike shampooing, where the moisture is contained inside your carpet (and, more importantly, underneath your carpet) the steam is removed using a high pressure system. 


Without using carpet brighteners or any chemicals, steam cleaning manages to make your carpet look brand new every time. As some of you probably know, carpet brighteners tend to leave a slight yellow hue if used often. Steam cleaning eliminates any chance of fading your carpet or turning it any other color besides its original color. 

Next time you have an issue with stains, fabrics, furniture, or carpet count on us to clean it up using only the latest technology!