What type of carpet texture do you like?

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Fine Carpet & Flooring

Learning about Different Textures

By Amy Renken

Earlier in the week, we covered lots of information regarding the different types of fibers that carpet is made of. Now, we take those fibers and make them into different textures to form the different carpets. There are numerous textures you can choose from when searching for carpet. Just like the different fibers, some textures are harder to clean than others, which is something you need to consider before deciding what carpet to get and where to put it.

All carpet begins as a loop pile-which looks exactly as it sounds. Then these loops are cut to create different appearances and textures. One major aspect to consider when looking at different textures of carpet is color. Are you getting a lighter colored carpet that’s neutral toned? Or perhaps a darker colored carpet to hide some of those stains. Whichever it is, it’s important to understand that each texture will change the way the color appears in different lighting.

So, what are these different textures we’re eluding to?

We’ll start with plush carpet. Plush is a cut pile carpet where all of the loops are cut at the same height to be twisted in the same direction. This carpet tends to give off a luxurious appearance and is extremely soft.

There is also textured plush which is similar to plush, but instead of the loops being twisted in the same direction-they’re twisted in different angles. This is a carpet that will reflect color differently in different lighting because of all the different angles-but depending on your taste, it could create an incredibly visually appealing floor.

Frieze is a different texture being formed of high twist leveled plied yarns. The way these loops are cut and twisted creates a very unique appearance. Frieze textures are also extremely durable and can hide footprints and other marks that would be made in high traffic areas.

When it comes time to pick out your new carpet, consider all textures for different areas to create different looks among every room in your home. Always think about the amount of traffic the carpet will get because that will determine how often you need to have it cleaned.