Stain and Carpet Fibers

Fine Rug Cleaning 

Fine Rug Cleaning 

Stains and Carpet Fibers

By Amy Renken

Last week we talked about the fibers that make up the carpet and all of their characteristics. Why is this important? Well, one huge reason is; those fibers will tell you exactly how absorbent the carpet is. Will the red wine you accidentally spill actually soak up into the carpet? How easy will these stains be to remove from which fibers? It all depends on how it is made, and we’re here to tell you.

When it comes down to fibers, polyester is the most naturally stain resistant fiber-making it easier to remove stains ultimately. However, the level of difficult to remove stains also depends on the carpet texture-which we also touched on last week. It’s always recommended that you use some sort of treatment on your carpet prior to exposing it to traffic. This also makes it easier to remove all of the stains that are inevitable, let’s be honest.

What happens when your pup decides to track mud through the entire house all over your brand new white carpet? Well, after the initial shock sets in, you have some work to do! This is where knowing the type of carpet fibers you have in your home and the textures you’re dealing with can really come in handy. Although how you choose to clean it also depends on what is causing the stain in your carpet (makeup, liquid, dirt, etc.). In this case, removing any and all excess dirt from the carpet would be your first obstacle. You may find this difficult or fairly easy depending on the texture of carpet you have. For example, if you’re dealing with a Berber carpet, you’ll probably notice that it’s easier to remove the dirt and mud from such a tightly bound material versus a high pile or shrug type of carpet.

If the stain is too big or too difficult to remove even after you’ve tried several different solutions and removed as much excess as you can, rest assured there are companies out there who have the best tools and knowledge for the job. We may even know one of them! Feel free to contact us Toll Free at (800) 880-7785 and we would be happy to remove that pesky stain for you.