What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Cleaning Austin Texas

Cleaning Austin Texas

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Finally cleaning your carpets, perhaps?

How long has it been since your carpets have seen a steam cleaner – a few months, years, decades? While you may have spot treated a few stains or spills here and there, have you really deep cleaned in a while? Regularly cleaning your carpets can really benefit your air quality, the carpets longevity, and the appeal of your home. Although it can be a tedious task, a thorough steam cleaning a few times throughout the year (depending on the flow of traffic over the carpet) can drastically change the atmosphere of the room. Don’t think you need to buy a steam cleaner for your home either – there are professionals, like us, who can get the job done just right!

So, why is regular carpet maintenance important?

Although you should vacuum your carpet weekly (or more often depending on the traffic level), this isn’t the kind of maintenance we’re talking about. Vacuuming can only clean a carpet so much – typically, it’s limited to picking up the loose dirt and debris if your vacuum is able to suction enough of it up. However, often times the suction power of vacuums is lacking and can leave a significant amount of debris around your carpet fibers.

How does debris hurt the carpet fibers?

Over time, if debris is left long enough it can actually affect the strength of the carpet fibers. If you’ve noticed that your carpet seems to be deteriorating, this could be what happened.

Why is steam cleaning recommended?

Steam cleaning is one of the safest and most efficient ways to remove particles from your carpet while also ensuring the fibers are cleaned. Steam cleaning uses less chemicals than other carpet cleaning methods, making it safe for your home even if you have children and pets.

There is a difference in renting or buying your own personal steam cleaning machine and hiring a professional with a machine that hooks up to their van. The amount of suction that a professional is able to get with an industrial-grade machine will knock any debris that is “stuck” loose and leave your carpets looking brand new!

If you’re looking for a thorough carpet cleaning for the New Year, give us a call at (800) 880-7785!