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How Does Carpet Protector Work?

By Amy Renken

If you have young kids or pets, you’re probably considering purchasing a carpet protector (as you should). These are recommended for carpet that is in a high traffic area, but also if you know you’ll be encountering frequent messes. Carpet protectors make stains easier to clean and odors easier to remove.

Usually, when a liquid is spilled on a carpet, the fibers absorb the liquid and can be easily stained. However, with a protector – it works to repel the liquid from the fibers. When the fibers don’t absorb the liquid, it makes the stain much easier to lift from the carpet.

Most carpet protectors not only protect from spills, but from odors and sunlight as well. The ultraviolet rays that shine on your carpet throughout the day can cause the color to fade with time.

Will carpet protector work with all types of carpet?

Not necessarily. Since most carpet protector is water-based, it won’t work with a polyester carpet. Polyester is a plastic-based fiber and will actually repel the protector if it is water-based.

What are the benefits of a carpet protector?

Carpet is a large purchase for your home – you want it to last, don’t you? Adding a protector will elongate the life of your carpet because it will protect it from staining and soiling.

  • Easier Vacuuming

  • Easier Cleaning

  • Less Damage

  • Longer Lifespan

How often should I apply a carpet protector to my carpet?

It is recommended that the protector be re-applied every 4 years, unless you feel that your carpet is wearing unusually fast. It’s critical that the carpet protector is applied correctly. Therefore, we recommend calling a professional to do it. New carpet should come with a protector, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your carpet protector until it is 4 years old.

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