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Steam Team Austin

Are you Finding Wear Spots in your Carpet?

By Amy Renken

Did you think that men were the only ones who ended up with bald patches? Ha - think again! Dirt particles can destroy the carpet fibers leading to wear in your carpet over time. Areas with higher traffic typically deteriorate quicker – shoes carry dirt particles, the more shoes, the more dirt and the less carpet fibers that stay intact. However, there are techniques you can do to prevent further damage or deterioration to your carpet.

Extra Mats

Providing extra mats by your front door where your guests can take their shoes off or wipe their feet will eliminate shoes on your carpet, keeping dirt away from your fibers.

Frequent Vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpets twice per week will lift the debris out of the carpet and keep them from damaging the carpet fibers. Regularly vacuuming is a guaranteed way to extend the lifetime of your carpet!

Professional Cleaning

If you have noticed advanced deterioration in your carpet, a professional cleaning may be the only way to ensure there aren’t any dirt particles left in your carpet fibers.

What else can cause bald spots in my carpet?

There are other things that may be causing the deterioration in your carpet – moths. The same as the ones who will eat through your clothes, these moths will eat your carpet fibers to gain the protein they need.

Treatment to remove these types of creatures from your carpet is a simple vacuuming. If this doesn’t work, you’ll want to call a professional to clean and treat your carpet, ensuring that the moths are completely gone.

Once you’ve established the reason you are seeing bald spots in your carpet and are taking preventative actions to protect your carpet; you’ll need to cover the current spots that have deteriorated fibers. A professional will be able to restore your carpet using spare carpet patches that can fit over the missing parts.

If you need help cleaning or restoring your carpet, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-880-7785 - we are always happy to help!