Will steam cleaning and air duct cleaning get rid of the fleas in my carpet?

Air Duct Cleaning Austin, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning Austin, Texas

You’ve Asked, Now We Answer!

If you’ve already read our last FAQ blog, you’re probably ready for some more questions and answers from the experts. Well, here we go! We want to make sure we cover a variety of topics, since we offer a variety of services. So, whatever questions you may have – send ‘em our way!

  1. Will steam cleaning get rid of the fleas in my carpet?

Those darn fleas! They’re always so hard to get rid of! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a good steam cleaning to your carpet will kill all of them. The adult fleas lay eggs in carpet and we don’t have a way to make sure that all of the eggs are gone. However, we always suggest getting rid of as many as you can before you clean your carpet. This could entail hiring a professional exterminator which is probably your best bet to ensure that you get all of the fleas out of your house.

  1. Why should I have my leather professionally cleaned?

Leather is an incredibly easy material to damage, believe it or not. We like to compare leather to skin because it holds so much moisture. If not treated properly you could cause long-term damage to the material. Most store-brought products will help retain that moisture, but only a professional will have the right equipment and materials to keep your leather in its best condition.

  1. How long will it take my upholstered furniture to dry?

This is a hard question because it really comes down to the type of fabric that covers your furniture. Each fabric will hold water differently and the drying time will vary depending on how the water is held in the fabric. Usually, furniture takes no longer than 12 hours to dry – but it could be shorter.

    We’re not done quite yet! Stay tuned and check back often for more questions that you send us.