Expert Cleaning in Austin, Texas

We enjoy having granite countertops (or flooring!)  in our kitchen because it’s gorgeous, durable, and because this stone is in it for the long run, that’s for sure! But when it comes to cleaning and caring for granite surfaces, homeowners may need a hand in figuring out what they should do, and not do. That’s why below, we’ve included a few great tips for keeping your granite surfaces clean and pristine! We promise it’s a much more simple process than you think!


Routine, Routine, Routine


Keep your granite clean and polished with a regular maintenance and cleaning routine! Make sure you find a cleaning solution that’s perfect for granite surfaces, and a microfiber cloth, or any cloth that won’t leave fibers behind. Soak your cloth in its solution, wring it out thoroughly, and then gently wipe down your counter tops. You can run your hand or a clean cloth over the counter when you’re finished, just to make sure you’ve caught everything!


Install a Sealant


Sealing your granite is a way to prevent this porous stone from absorbing spills and stains! You can either spray on a sealant yourself, or call in a team of professionals who definitely know how to properly install sealant. If you’re wondering if your countertops need sealant, drop some water onto them; if the water beads up, you’re probably good for awhile! If the water doesn’t bead up, it may be time to seal or reseal your granite; contact a professional asap!


Rely on The Steam Team

Keep in mind, The Steam Team is made up of experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to care for natural stone, such as granite. If you’re looking for installation or a good ‘ol deep cleaning, count on The Steam Team to get the job done correctly!